Endodontics – ‘root canal treatment’

A tooth is a complex structure – you don’t just have a mouthful of rocks. A tooth’s bony exterior encases a hollow ‘canal’ filled with a pulpy soft tissue that extends into the root. Sometimes the pulp is unable to repair itself, which can result in the tissue becoming inflamed and possibly infected. This condition can be very painful. It can also cause cosmetic changes, as the tooth may become discoloured.

Generally speaking, Wolf would rather save a tooth rather than remove it, since natural teeth do the job of teeth best. Endodontic treatment entails working within the structure of a tooth, with the aim of saving the tooth rather than extracting it. It can involve removing the affected pulp, widening the root canal, and filling part of the canal. It is typically a very successful treatment and can leave the patient with the use of their own tooth for many years – even for the rest of their life.

Root canal treatment will not always be possible, in which case Dr Kropf will explain the situation and other options.