If you have experienced an accident resulting in significant tooth damage, or if the years have simply taken their toll, Dr Kropf may recommend dentures. We are all part of an ageing population, and our teeth are not getting any younger either. Tooth damage and deterioration are somewhat inevitable as we age, despite the best care. Like the other bones in the body, teeth become more brittle the older we get. The jaw joints are some of the most frequently used in the entire body, and a lot of that use is for chewing. Over a lifetime, your teeth do a lot of mechanical work (imagine how happy you’d be if one car lasted you your whole life!)

Dentures (or ‘false teeth’) can replace multiple teeth in a variety of configurations. If dentures are warranted, Dr Kropf will refer you to a local dental prosthetist to have dentures created specifically for your mouth. Should that happen, rest assured that ‘false teeth’ have come a long way since the seventh century BCE – when they are known to have been used – and even since the turn of this century; techniques and materials are constantly being improved.