Preventative dentistry – checkups and cleaning

A stitch in time saves nine…

Not many people actually enjoy a visit to the dentist. Wolf understands that – your mouth is yours! But regular check-ups are the best way of avoiding more involved procedures further down the track. The toothache associated with a serious dental condition is not something you’ll be able to ignore.

But the things that need regular attention don’t necessarily cause pain. Most people will experience gum disease at some point in their lives, and this is a painless condition that can eventually cause tooth loss. Gum disease usually begins as a result of a build up of tartar along the fringe of the gum where it meets the teeth. Not even the most conscientious brushing at home can prevent this build-up, and the area requires professional cleaning as part of a regular check-up.

In addition to cleaning, Dr Kropf will inspect your teeth and make any appropriate recommendations for other preventative treatment. For example, some teeth feature naturally deep crevices that are difficult to clean. Dr Kropf can fill these crevices to prevent food from being trapped there and causing decay.

The best teeth are your natural teeth – those that haven’t been filled, crowned or repaired. But the best way to keep them that way – and to avoid bigger expenses later – is to have them regularly checked and professionally cleaned, because a toothbrush and floss can only do so much.