Dental implants

A dental implant is effectively an artificial replacement for an entire tooth – both the root and the crown.

The ‘root’ of the implant is created with a threaded base, like a screw, which is surgically fixed into the gum and provides the ‘anchor’ for the crown, just as the root does in a natural tooth. For this part of the treatment, the patient is referred to a local oral surgeon who will ensure the integrity of the implant before the crown is fitted by Dr Kropf.

The entire process of fitting a dental implant is performed in stages over several months.

The benefits of replacing a missing tooth are health-oriented as well as cosmetic. Different teeth perform different roles, and a full set of teeth promotes proper chewing action. However, not all lost teeth will be candidates for dental implants – Dr Kropf will assess your case individually and discuss the benefits and risks with you.